What does AdSolem offer?

Ad Solem Acceleration ensures accelerator success with our proven and proprietary methodology for business success.

  1. Strategy development

Every company has a strategy. The difference with Ad Solem Acceleration corporate strategies is that they are structured from conception with relevant KPI’s and metrics that not only tie back to your corporate brand values, but also maintain relevance through formation of intrapreneurship programs, incubators, accelerators and if needed corporate venturing.

  1. 11 Factor implementation

Our proven and proprietary 11 factor acceleration model creates a dashboard for your innovation team to quickly assess the health and progress of your startups at any acceleration stage.

  1. Monitoring

Ad Solem Acceleration supports its clients by monitoring the 11 factor process so companies can effectively make decisions to maintain or alter course based on the 11 factors proven to measure and monitor the growth ofthe ventures. This ensures the efficiency of your business acceleration program.


  1. Startup Selection

Ad Solem Acceleration also ensures the startups you choose for your program will meet your needs and be set up for measurable accleration.