Design it

Design your accelerator idea, frame your vision & outline your path and identify goals. Ad Solem Acceleration helps you to do so correctly.

Build it

Establish your business accelerator under expert guidance. Ad Solem Acceleration installs a tested business acceleration program.

Track it

Track the progress of development of your ventures. Ad Solem Acceleration helps to identify high and low-performers.

Scale it and pitch it

Let your company become a digital challenger and attract potential investors.

Is your company fit for the future?

Fact: By 2030 75% of all S&P Index Companies will be replaced by ones that don’t exist today.

Myth: Knowledge, Speed and Hard Work will maintain company viability in the next quarter century.

The corporate landscape is no longer comprised solely of established global brands we have all grown up with. Startups, the new kids on the block, are not only challenging market players; they are changing the way business is done with disruptive business models, products and processes. This rapid evolution of our business models has reduced corporate life cycles from 70 years in the early 1900’s to less than 20 years today.

The key to survival is innovation strategy through digitalization and globalization.    

How can I make my company fit for the future?

Fact: Studies have shown that corporate accelerators are challenged to become as successful as private accelerators.

Myth: Connecting with entrepreneurs, staying in the scene through seminars and reading up on innovation and accelerators is enough to keep my company on track and fit for the future.

Embarking on such a journey without a solid experienced team around you is like Christopher Columbus setting sail for America in a dinghy.
Some of the pitfalls of even well funded accelerators are that they quickly become marketing fluff for major corporations striving to appear relevant, managers quickly loose touch with the core business and decisions on the kinds of programs to run dont get made.